Building a Fifth Center
In order to provide a much needed and long overdue solution to 7,000 disabled veterans living in the Southern Coastal Region, a fifth Beit Halochem is being built in the City of Ashdod. It is a $34 million USD project.

Tools & Vital Equipment
Specialized, state of the art and custom made equipment is needed daily for the thousands of veterans being rehabilitated. For example: wheelchairs for various sport branches, tandem and hand bikes, physiotherapy....

Rehabilitation Services
Your donation is needed for rehabilitation sports, occupational arts & crafts workshops and recreational services. These include: wheelchair basketball, swimming, hand cycling, wheelchair tennis, painting, sculpting, ...

Unrestricted Giving

Make an online donation towards the disabled veterans' ongoing needs. (Direct to a Donation Form)

Wills & Legacies

Leave a Lasting Legacy: Help Our Heroes Heal! Please Include ZDVO/Beit Halochem in Your Estate Plans.

Designated Giving

Choose a particular project you wish to support. (Direct to Our Projects)

What Donors say

"The whole charity is an inspiration and a shining example to the world of how Israel cares for its citizens and those that help to defend it. My children were amazed at what people can achieve when they really put their mind to it, even with the difficult obstacles in their way"

"I wanted to thank you for meeting with us today and taking us on an eye-opening and inspiring tour of Beit Halochem. The work you do is incredible; the soldiers even more so. You've given us an experience which we will treasure"

"Thank you so much for so generously making time available for Zac and I to visit the Jerusalem Bet Halochem Centre. We were so pleased to be able to visit and found it a very special and uplifting place. You should be very proud of what you have done to build a community and provide support and fulfilment to your members. Your work is truly inspirational"

The Fund's goal is to raise funds in Israel and abroad for building Beit Halochem Centers, purchasing equipment and operating the vast rehabilitation network of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization. This includes the wide array of physiotherapy, sports, occupational therapy, workshops, cultural and social activities. Funds are also regularly raised for special projects such as Academic Scholarships. It also raises funds for Beit Kay in Nahariya as well as support for 12 Rehabilitation Day Care Clubs serving some of the most severely disabled veterans throughout the country.

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