Scholarships Project for Excelling Disabled Athletes

Research shows that being involved in sport activities, particularly in competitive sport, has a significant effect (mentally, physically and socially) on the rehabilitation process of the disabled.

In recent years the field of competitive sport for the disabled has become more professional and demanding. Attaining the necessary criteria to take part in international competitions requires of the disabled to persevere in their efforts, invest countless hours of training and place sports at the top of their priorities.

Scholarships for Excelling Disabled Athletes aim to support, encourage and motivate those disabled who were qualified to take part in international competitions and the Paralympic games as well as those who have shown that through continued sports activity their rehabilitation has benefitted and their physical and mental condition improved.

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding disabled players in all fields of sport who have had significant achievements and major results as well as to coaches who have stood out in their dedication and training programs. Scholarships are also offered as an incentive to young disabled athletes who exhibit perseverance and seriousness, showing progress over a period of at least three consecutive years.

A Scholarship can range between US$ 1,350 US$ 2,700.
In a moving ceremony at Tel Avivs Beit Halochem on April 5, 2017m , 88 Scholarships totaling $145,000 USD (NIS 536,500) were distributed to excelling athletes and coaches for their athletic achievements in the year 2016, in the following categories:

Paralympic Team members (a 100% Scholarship)
Athletes in non-Paralympic sports branches for achievements in World/European Championships (a 50% Scholarship)
Young Athletes showing potential (a 50% Scholarship)
Scholarships Distributed by each respective Beit Halochem Centre (a 50% Scholarship)
Beit Halochem Scholarships for Athletes from the Periphery
Scholarships to Coaches for Special Achievements.

100% Scholarship totaled $2,700 USD (NIS 10,000)
50% Scholarship totaled $1,350 USD (NIS 5,000)