The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization

The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO) is a registered non-profit organization, established in the wake of the War of Independence (1949), with the purpose of providing the 6,000 disabled veterans from this war with all their needs towards the long process of their rehabilitation. It is the only organization legally responsible for representing those veterans wounded and disabled while serving in defense of the State of Israel.

The 50,000 members wounded and disabled while fighting in defense of the State of Israel are only part of the heavy price our young nation has had to pay for its independence and survival. Following the intensive ongoing combat and counterterrorist activity carried out daily to safeguard Israels several hundred new members join the ranks of the organization annually. In addition, civilian victims of terror who have remained severely disabled are able to become full members of the four Beit Halochem centers.

The ZDVO Goals:

- Build a supportive atmosphere, which will help them resume their normal lives as quickly as possible.
- Foster the full reintegration of the veterans into society by establishing sports and rehabilitation centers and offering a comprehensive range of services to its members and their families.
- Improve the quality of life of its members.
- Safeguard their legal rights and promote their interests through legislation or economic and social measures.

The Israel Ministry of Defense provides each disabled veterans with the necessary medical care and rehabilitation as well as monthly disability allowance for the rest of their lives based on the percentage of their disability. This assistance provides an immediate solution to the disabled veterans' personal needs. It is, unfortunately, not enough. Rehabilitation of the body and the mind requires a long-term, comprehensive program which takes into account the individual needs of each disabled veteran. This is where the ZDVO and its Beit Halochem Centers play a pivotal role.