Israels National Youth Basketball Team visited the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization

Date: 31/ 8/2017      By:

Israels National Youth Basketball Team, accompanied by former super star player and coach Oded Katash, visited the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO) last week. At a friendly game against Beit Halochem Tel Avivs Wheelchair Basketball Team, the disabled veterans beat them 14-12.

Katashs players who just last month won the Silver Medal at the European Championship, sat on wheelchairs for the first time in their lives and showed great potential right from the start. Wheelchair Basketball is much harder than the game were used to. Its a very physical game where you need to strain your upper body much more. Wheelchair Basketball is also conducive to playing a team game more than a regular game and for that I have great admiration for the team we played against, said Katash who got off the lines and joined the friendly game.

Beyond experiencing wheelchair basketball, the members of the National Team learned about the vast work done by the ZDVO. They met with disabled veterans who told them their personal stories. Sometimes you come to a place like this and expect to encounter difficulty amongst the veterans. What we saw today is the exact opposite. Today, the players and I met disabled veterans who lead completely regular and normal lives. Their attitude was inspiring. During my work as a coach I have met numerous players who complained about relatively slight injuries and made their conditions worse with their negative attitudes. Our visit here today put everything in perspective and proved that its all in your head, commented Oded Katash at the end of the visit.