Annual BHUK Fundraising Dinner

Date: 22/ 5/2017      By: BHUK

450 guests attended Beit Halochems 6th annual dinner at The Dorchester on 17 May 2017. The evening raised in excess of 1 Million. Two Beit Halochem veterans and a mother of a veteran, spoke movingly throughout the evening about the impact that their injuries had had on their lives, their experiences at Beit Halochem and subsequent rehabilitation.

IDF Veteran and Beit Halochem member Mr Roiee ben Tolila, spoke at the dinner about his first encounter with Beit Halochem six months after his injury:

The first place I visited (at Beit Halochem) was the basketball court. In many ways, what I saw there changed my outlook on life. Right away I saw the opportunity to become part of a team of fighters on the court of life..Psychologists recommend that people in distress should find a support group. In many ways my team mates in the wheelchair basketball team at Beit Halochem are the most effective support network I could have asked for.without the help of Beit Halochem, who knows where I would be.