Sports Scholarships Distribution Ceremony

Date: 6/ 4/2017      By:

In a moving ceremony at Tel Avivs Beit Halochem, 88 Scholarships totaling $145,000 USD (NIS 536,500) were distributed yesterday to excelling athletes and coaches in the following categories:

Paralympic Team members (a 100% Scholarship)
Athletes in non-Paralympic sports branches for achievements in World/European Championships (a 50% Scholarship)
Young Athletes showing potential (a 50% Scholarship)
Scholarships Distributed by each respective Beit Halochem Centre (a 50% Scholarship)
Beit Halochem Scholarships for Athletes from the Periphery
Scholarships to Coaches for Special Achievements.

100% Scholarship totaled $2,700 USD (NIS 10,000) 50% Scholarship totaled $1,350 USD (NIS 5,000)