First International Partners Networking Session

1/ 9/2017

The ZDVF hosted the First International Partners Networking Session held in Israel between July 2-6, 2017.

Israeli blind bowler wins world championship

1/ 9/2017

Shlomi Lazmy pioneered 10-pin bowling for the blind in Israel. He took first place in the 2017 International Blind Sports Federation event in Japan.

Israels National Youth Basketball Team visited the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization

31/ 8/2017

Israels National Youth Basketball Team, accompanied by former super star player and coach Oded Katash, visited the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO) last week. At a friendly game against Beit Halochem Tel Avivs Wheelchair Basketball Team, the disabled veterans beat them 14-12.

Amazing achievements of our Athletes in Recent International and Local Competitions

24/ 5/2017

In the Mixed Co-Ed Four category, Israeli rowers Shay-Lee Mizrachi, Simona Goren, Achiya Klein, Barak Hatzor and Leah Sas won the Bronze Medal....

Annual BHUK Fundraising Dinner

22/ 5/2017

450 guests attended Beit Halochems 6th annual dinner at The Dorchester on 17 May 2017. The evening raised in excess of 1 Million. Two Beit Halochem veterans and a mother of a veteran, spoke movingly throughout the evening about the impact that their injuries had had on their lives, their experiences at Beit Halochem and subsequent rehabilitation.

Six Day War veterans raising funds to build rehab facility for disabled soldiers

11/ 5/2017

There is a select group of soldiers in the history of Israels ongoing existential struggle who either gave their lives or became disabled fighting to ensure its survival. The mission of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization is to rehabilitate and help return the nations tens of thousands of wounded soldiers to a stable, fruitful life.


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